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Welcome to the official website of the Columbia, S.C. based rock band Tokyo Joe. Formed in 1996, Tokyo Joe has independently released five CDs, and performs an average of 200 shows a year in the Southeast.

We hope you enjoy the site and will check back often for new dates, photos, downloads, and other news about the band. Feel free to post your thoughts about the band, the website, or anything else on our comments page. Thanks for visiting tokyojoe.net.

Always be sure to check the calender page before planning to attend a show.

Tokyo Joe Productions presents
    Tokyo Joe presents Rocketman Tribute
- A Tribute to Sir Elton John

Tokyo Joe proudly announces that our songs "Never Let You Down" and "Believer" are being featured on XM Radio's Unsigned Channel, XM-52. The most requested songs on this channel will receive the most airplay. Whether you have XM Radio or not, you can request the songs via e-mail at: unsigned@xmradio.com You can visit the XM Radio Unsigned site at: http://www.radiounsigned.com.

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